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To All those who are serious about adopting one of our Dobermans, please read our philosophy before contacting us:  

People underestimate the time and effort required to make a successful life with a dog or have little understanding of a dog's world. Your dog needs and deserves your empathy. As in any relationship it takes work and can try your patience. There are no guarantees with any dog. Do you have the time and patience to meet your dog's need for exercise, companionship, and healthy growth? Far too often dogs are victims of unrealistic expectations. Your job isn't to train the dog to live like you, but to train yourself to live with the dog! Remember, dogs are not nearly concerned with what you say, but how you make them feel.

SADAR is a rehabilitation/rescue facility for Dobes that have been abandoned, rejected, and many times abused. We do some work with our guests but we can't do everything. If you are still in doubt whether the Doberman is the right breed for you, go to our Education   link and read more about this magnificent dog.


1. Look at all of our available dogs listed below.

2. Then go to the   Adoption Info & Forms  link for all the information about adopting, our fees, and completing the application. This is NOT an obligation to buy the dog, however, if you are interested in adopting, please send in an application

3. Finally, we  require an appointment  to come to the rescue, please. Contact us at   for all inquiries and to schedule an appointment.

      Directions to our kennel are found by clicking the   Contact Us & Directions  link.


We are a rehabilitation/rescue with limited space available and thus we will not accept aggressive Dobermans or those which need permanent medical care. We are under NO obligation to accept any dog.

If you are in real need of surrendering your Doberman, we require you to submit an email to    with "all" the following information to be considered:
a. Current photo showing the whole dog;  b. brief description of temperament, age, sex, health;   c. explain why you are relinquishing the pet;  d. your  name & phone number.
If your dog is a Doberman mix or we are full at the time of your inquiry, at our discretion we may post your dog's information on our website with "your contact information."  SADAR would not be responsible for the adoption.

Highlighted Dogs
See all the Dogs!
Crocker is not a full doberman. We think he is about 50% doberman, but just look at that sweet face more about Crocker
Lennox is a 2 years old . He is fully  vaccinated & H/W free. Lennox is housebroken, has more about Lennox
Nero is a Doberman mix breed with natural ears. He is about 2 years old and is neutered. more about Nero
Wilson is a beautiful male Doberman. He is fully vaccinated and H/W free. He will be best as more about Wilson
Khloe is cropped and docked, however, her ears are not up in the pictures. She is 18 months more about Khloe
Pretty little 13 month old female Dobie.  Zena gets along well with humans, but if more about Zena
Kolby is 20 months old. His cropped ears don't stand. He is fully vaccinated, H/W free more about Kolby
Petey is a 9 month old male Dobe.  He is fully vaccinate, gets along with other dogs and more about Petey
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